We specialize in the development and support of accounting, customer information and demand side management software.  These software applications are designed to meet the needs of municipalities and municipal utilities. We are located in Lincoln, Neb., and formed in 1997.  We are a small but experienced company.  Each of our employee have developed, supported and customized municipal and utility related software since the early to mid 1980’s.

In June 1999, we formed a partnership with NMPP Energy in creating what is now known as PowerManager®. This suite of municipal accounting and customer information applications is used by municipalities and utilities from coast to coast. Each year our staff attend the PowerManager® Users Group (PMUG) Annual Conference to listen to our user’s needs, give presentations and provide training updates.

In 2013,we began full time support of a demand side management program called LMWin.  This software program monitors a utility’s electric load and sends out control signals to switch connected to the utilities system.  It turns off and on air conditioners, water heaters, large electric motors or irrigation systems on to control the system wide load.  The object is to shave the peak off of the systems demand usage when costs are the highest, reducing total system demand.

We keep pace with technology by updating our development tools and incorporate current advances into our software products. Whether it is developing new products, providing customer support or making customized modifications to meet the needs of a specific user, we always strive to provide the best value.

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