Filing W2 forms electronically is easy through PowerManager

If you have to file 250 or more W2 forms, the IRS requires you do so electronically. (Unless you request a waiver on Form 8508). Even if you’re not required to file electronically, you may wish to do so. Filing electronically allows for faster IRS processing, saves you mailing expenses and extends your filing deadline to March 31, 2014.

Your state electronic requirements may be different than the IRS’. Please make sure you are aware of your state’s filing requirements. The state of Nebraska requires anyone filing more than 50 W2 forms to do so electronically. Nebraska’s filing deadline is Feb. 1 rather than March 15, as in the past.

PowerManager’s W2 electronic filing option makes it easy for you to start filing your W2 forms electronically. The main form includes several links to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Business Services Online (BSO) web pages.

If you haven’t registered with BSO, you’ll need to do so. To register, click on the BSO home page link, then follow their registration instructions.

The SSA provides a free software program called AccuWage. They provide a new copy for the AccuWage software for each filing year. Download and install AccuWage 2013 by clicking the provided AccuWage link. When you’re at the BSO AccuWage home page, you’ll find an option to “Download AccuWage 2013 Tax Year” on the right hand side of the screen under the Quick Links section. Click this option and select “Run” to start the AccuWage 2013 download and installation process.

After printing your employee W2 forms, you’re ready to file with the IRS. Fill in the W2 Electronic File fields then click the ‘Create File” button.

After you’ve created the electronic W2 file, it will need to be opened with the AccuWage 2013 software.

Click the AccuWage 2013 “Start Testing” button and open the electronic W2 file you previously created. If your file passes all of the AccuWage 2013 error checks you will then be asked if you wish to upload the file. If you do upload the file you will be taken to the BSO web site where you’ll need to log in to your account, then upload the electronic file.

Many state revenue departments will accept the same electronic file for reporting W2 amounts. PowerManager generates optional state records for the electronic file. Other states don’t utilize the optional records and simply accepts the federal electronic W2 file.